Vancouver Weather Survival Guide

One of the first things I do before I get dressed in the morning is check the weather for the day. The weather here in Vancouver is so unpredictable, you really should be prepared for anything and everything.


Lately we have had super crappy, rain-jacket-and-umberella weather in the morning and by the afternoon it’s turned into patio-weather-heat-wave-menopause?- weather. If you’re one to leave the house in the earlier AM and not be back until the late afternoon, you know this weather too well. As you rip layers of clothing off and back on again you may be left wondering, “Mother Nature, are you drunk?”

Yes. She is. And you will be too when it suddenly gets blazing hot around 4Pm and you find yourself on the patio at Pier 7 wondering how you got there. Glass of wine at hand, all your layers torn off, you realize that – okay, the weather here is not that terrible.

And then the next day rolls around and we’re back to the same thing. So what do you do? We’ve got a few tricks to survive this drunk Vancouver weather until happy hour.


1) Layers, layers, layers.

lets break this down. I’m talking bra, tank, thin long sleeve or hoodie, and denim or leather jacket. This way you can strip down or layer up. Cottons and linens are best to wear on these days as they are breathable and light. Put the parkas away and stick to a thin but durable jacket. In the wet mornings you can keep all layers on and as it gets warmer remove the long sleeve or hoodie, or strip it all! (Keep your bras on, ladies!)



2) Umbrella


Do you remember how Mary Poppins would fly around and over the city on her flamingo umberella? Embrace your inner Poppins and invest in a good umberella. Stick to bright statement colours as we all know how dark and grey it gets in Vancouver – you want to be seen! Red is always my go to but this season pastels are all the rage so go for a yellow, powder pink or baby blue! Make sure you love this thing as you should have it with you at ALL times. I prefer the ones that can fold up little in your purse but if you prefer the extravagant cane types, by all means, knock yourself out!


3) Sunnies

I recently invested in an amazing pair of sun glasses. Grey and silver reflectors. As most of you know the reflector shades are in style. if you’re not familiar it’s like having a one sided mirror over your eyes all the time. I LOVE these. You can spy on people, nap, all in public and looking like your just doin’ your thang. I find these really great too if I need to check myself out quick (if I get food in my teeth etc.) and I dont look like a big idiot doing it. (Maybe just a little idiot). Easy to pop in your bag and good for the patio at 4pm.


4) Sneakers


Do I really need to tell you how much it fking sucks to get stuck in the rain in sandals or flip flops? It sucks. Ok? SUCKS. Invest in a cute pair of sneakers. white sneakers are all the rage this season. Pick up a pair of white Chucks for cheap or spend a little more and get a pair of Stan Smiths. These babies will keep you drier for longer as they are leather.







5) Boyfriend Jeans/Midi Skirt 


My grandma makes fun of me every time I wear my boyfriends. “You know, I could patch those up for you in a jiffy!” She says. But no matter how many times I tell her, “Nana, they’re supposed to be like this” I get the same thing. (I think she secretly likes them). Perfect for this mood swingin’ weather. If you find a beauty pair, or rip them yourself, it’s like having ventilation in your pantolones (pants in Spanish because it just sounds better).

If you work in an office setting, where ripped jeans are probably a no-no, don’t fret! The solution is a midi! If you don’t know what a midi skirt is think maxi but hitting mid calf or just below knee. You can get all sorts of midi’s – layered, floral, striped, loose, tight – you name it! Blacks are an easy go to but I recommend looking for one in a light grey or pastel to brighten up your look!


And there you have it! If you think I’ve missed anything, or have any ideas yourself on how to kick drunken mother natures butt today, comment below!

~ Xo Unity ~


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