Winter Fashion Tips from Our North Vancouver Women’s Clothing Store Experts

North Vancouver womens clothing store winter fashion tips
Guess what? You don’t need to sacrifice function or aesthetically pleasing looks to stay warm and fashionable during the winter months. It just means you need to think a little more creatively when getting ready for the chilly mornings ahead. As long as you are prepared, even the darkest winter days can be stylish. As a leading North Vancouver women’s clothing store, we often get asked about what to wear during the cold season. Here are a few of our top tips for staying toasty while looking great this winter.

Layer Up

Layering is always in style in the winter. In cold weather, this is one of the most practical ways to dress. It allows you to experiment with a variety of patterns and textures, while still accommodating the changing temperatures you might encounter on a winter's day. So, stack on the layers without worrying about them ruining your look. Choose items to layer under trendier pieces to stay warm as well as look fabulous!

Make a bold and warm statement with the right outerwear

The best way to stay warm during the cold season is to cover your entire torso. Keep at least one long sweater and a coat in your closet for the coldest days. But when it comes to casual days, you can't go wrong with a quilted jacket. Both fashionable and functional, staying stylish and warm this winter has never been easier with one of these jackets in your outerwear lineup.

Belt your longer sweaters

Adding a belt to your coat might help you stay warm, and it is definitely a great way to switch out the look of that overused winter coat. If you have to wear the same jacket all the time, why not consider a belt to give your coat a fresh look. You will not only be able to accent your silhouette, but also have your friends raving about your “new coat.”

Rock those winter boots

Take it from our in-house stylist in our North Vancouver women’s store – a good pair of boots make all the difference in winter style. Do you own a pair of fantastic furry winter boots? Show them off with jeans, leggings or a jumper for a more casual look, or pair them with a skirt and leggings for an elegant evening out. Winter is the perfect time for practical boots, but make sure you have at least one pair of show stopping beautiful mukluks in your closet. Mukluks are the OG of winter boots. We adore the mukluks boots at Manitoba Mukluks.  

Accessorize with hats, gloves, and scarves>

Wearing the same old winter coat every day? Now you can spice it up with scarves, hats, and gloves. The right statement scarf can brighten up any dull winter look. Plus, sporting a super chic beanie will deliver instant street-style appeal, as well as keep you warm.

While we all want to look stylish this winter, staying warm is equally important. With these easy fashion tips, you can have the best of both worlds. Remember, if you need help looking fabulously fashionable this chilly season, you can buy womens clothing online from our store and we will ship it out to you or each out to Unity Clothing for your questions.